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"Leerla" means "Read it" in Spanish. This site was created by a Spanish book author. Our purpose is to promote reading and provide authors and readers everything that they need to create beautiful book or enjoy passionate readings.


For the authors:

As a courtesy to you, LEER.LA provides you with a free universal link to redirect the links of your books to the Amazon site where the reader can buy them. There is no need for any kind of registration.

Supported Amazon sites: amazon.com ~ amazon.co.uk ~ amazon.de ~ amazon.fr
amazon.es ~ amazon.it ~ amazon.in ~ amazon.ca ~ amazon.nl
amazon.co.jp ~ amazon.com.mx ~ amazon.com.br ~ amazon.com.au

Simply use the link http://leer.la/ASIN

where "ASIN" is the 10-digit ASIN code of your book in Amazon

Example: http://leer.la/B01EQDOJA8

If you need a link that includes Amazon China, that does not include all countries or if you are interested in a personalized link or author's link, check out the page about personalized universal links.

You can read here the terms of use. If you want how reliable this service is, you can find the details here.

Leer.la served over 500,000 universal links in 2016!

What is an universal link? It is a link that, depending on the country where somebody clicks on a link, redicrects this person to the Amazon shop that corresponds to that country. Thus, for example, a person in the UK will be redirected to Amazon.co.uk, a person in Germany will be sent to Amazon.de and sombody who has no local Amazon will be redirected to Amazon.com. This makes it easier for the reader, prevents unnecessary country switching, eases the purchase and avoids second thoughts, thus improving the author's sales.