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"Leerla" means "Read it" in Spanish. This site was created by a Spanish book author. Our purpose is to promote reading and provide authors and readers everything that they need to create beautiful book or enjoy passionate readings.


Personalized universal links:

LEER.LA provides you with a free universal link to redirect the links of your books to the Amazon site where the reader can buy them. There is no need for any kind of registration.

 But you can also ask for a free personalized link.

A personalized universal link is an universal link where a word is used instead of the ASIN, such as for example:


The previous link corresponds to the book "In strange orbits - volume 1" from the author Ramón Somoza. Note how the name takes a segment from the book name and includes the volume number. He could have also used something like "instrangeorbits_v1".

A personalized link is much far memorable than an ASIN and is also more likely to attract the readers. For this reason, you may also wish to have a personalized link that is adapted to your book.

Unfortunately, not all books (specially the paper ones) are distributed to all Amazon sites, so some authors need to remove some of the distribution sites and redirect the readers from those countries to Amazon.com. This is not possible by simply using the ASIN, but it can be done with a personalized link. On the other hand, if your book is one of the few that are also distributed by Amazon in China, this link can be also added for free to the personalized link.

The personalized link for a book is free and will not be removed while the site exists or until the author requests its removal.

You can also ask for a personalized link to other sites apart from Amazon, but in this case a one-off set-up fee of 5€ is required, due to the additional work involved. We will also check whether the site in question is a legitimate site; we refuse linking to sites with a dubious reputation. There are no maintenance charges, only for this set-up.

Universal link to all books of an author:

It is possible to request an universal link pointing to all the books of an author (and/or respective author pages) on Amazon. Again, due to the extra work involved, a one-off set-up fee of 10€ is required. Its use is obviously free of charge - forever.

Writers belonging to the Asociación Internacional de Escritores Independientes (AIEI) can request this link free of charge.

Link reservation:

Personalized links can be requested by asking for the word (or combination of words, up to 25 letters and/or numbers) that the author wants, provided it is available. If another author is already using that word, this cannot be assigned to another book, as the link is specific for an individual book. For example, you cannot reserve the word "lord" because leer.la/lord has already been used..

Personalized links are provided for already published books, and the name assignment is on a first-come-first-served basis. However, if you intend to publish a book in the future and want to secure a specific link before somebody else does, you can reserve a name for 25€. This covers the name reservation as well as the creation of the universal link once the book is available (you will need to notify us about that).

Link modification and deletion

Due to the extra work that this implies, the changes to the links are charged at a rate of 5€ per personalized link each time that a change is requested. Deletion of a link, however, is free. (Please don't ask for deletion and then a new creation with the same name to avoid the fee). Note that when a link is deleted, anybody can claim or reserve it.


Universal link to book (Amazon) Free
Link to book (other sites) 5€
Universal link to author's books (Amazon) 10€
Universal link to author's books (AIEI members) Free
Universal link name reservation 25€
Change of (universal) link 5€
Link deletion Free

All links will be maintained free of charge while the site exists or until the copyright holder asks for its deletion.

Request of personalized universal links:

Write us at contact@leer.la for any kind of personalized link, indicating the ASIN of your book and detailing any required limitation (for example, exclusion of one or several countries). The link will be usually available within 24-48 hours.

What is an universal link? It is a link that, depending on the country where somebody clicks on a link, redicrects this person to the Amazon shop that corresponds to that country. Thus, for example, a person in the UK will be redirected to Amazon.co.uk, a person in Germany will be sent to Amazon.de and sombody who has no local Amazon will be redirected to Amazon.com. This makes it easier for the reader, prevents unnecessary country switching, eases the purchase and avoids second thoughts, thus improving the author's sales.