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"Leerla" means "Read it" in Spanish. This site was created by a Spanish book author. Our purpose is to promote reading and provide authors and readers everything that they need to create beautiful book or enjoy passionate readings.


Service reliability:

LEER.LA provides you with a free universal link to redirect the links of your books to the Amazon site where the reader can buy them. There is no need for any kind of registration. But how reliable is this universal link service?

There are two types of reliability that need to be addressed when addressing an universal link service:

The service availability and the service accuracy.

Service availability:

The availability of our hosting provider was last year 99.98%. That means that in the whole year it was not available for just one and a half hour due to various reasons (failure, maintenance, etc). This is a very short time, but if you think that this period is too long over one year, then please try to get a paid service with a greater availability.

Universal link service accuracy:

Our service uses the databases of the five regional internet registrars (APNIC, AFRINIC, ARIN, RIPE, y LACNIC) to identify the country based on the IP of the user that clicked on the link. Nevertheless, this information is not 100% accurate. Though the registrars maintain a record with the blocks of assigned IP addresses, the companies that receive those blocks sometimes use them in other countries. For example a US multinational can use some of the assigned IP addresses for some of its subsidiaries in Germany or France. In most cases, this should not affect you, though if an international Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses these practices, this can take the user to the wrong Amazon site.

Likewise, you should be aware that that some mobile phone providers can route the navigation through their own servers, in order to mask the user data when he navigates in secure mode. This has been reported to occur, for example, with some Blackberry terminals or certain Apple devices. In those cases, it may look as if the user is located in the United Kingdom, or in the USA, even if he never set a foot there.

Finally, some multinational companies route for security reasons all their incoming and outgoing traffic through a single router, so users inside their network might seem to be all located in a same country, even if that is not true. Users using a proxy or browing in protected mode will not be recognized either and will be re-routed to Amazon.com.

These problems are shared by all universal link providers, though most of them will not mention (or simply ignore) these facts. In our case, the service accuracy should be around 95-98%.

Other things to be kept in mind:

You should be also aware that not all books are sold on all Amazon locations (check out the total numbers of books sold in different locations). Thus, the redirection to an Amazon site that does not sell a book does not make sense, as Amazon will report an error. Usually paper books are not as widely distributed as Kindle books, so, if you offer both paper and Kindle version, we advise you to use the Kindle ASIN, as this will always find the book for both versions. If for some special reason you cannot cover all Amazon markets, ask for a personalized link.

You should be aware that for all these reasons, the service will never be 100% accurate - but that is also true for all universal link providers! (whether they say it or not)

Even so, this site has been explicitly tested in 14 different countries with hundreds of different links on 6 different device types and did not fail even once during the tests. That, however, does not mean that it is perfect (no human work is).

If you understand the limitations of this service and want to use it, simply use the link http://leer.la/ASIN to use the redirect capability,

where "ASIN" is the 10-digit ASIN code of your book in Amazon.

Example: http://leer.la/B01EQDOJA8

If you are interested in a personalized link or author link, check out the personalized universal links page.

What is an universal link? It is a link that, depending on the country where somebody clicks on a link, redirects this person to the Amazon shop that corresponds to that country. Thus, for example, a person in the UK will be redirected to Amazon.co.uk, a person in Germany will be sent to Amazon.de and sombody who has no local Amazon will be redirected to Amazon.com. This makes it easier for the reader, prevents unnecessary country switching, eases the purchase and avoids second thoughts, thus improving the author's sales.